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This message board intended use is for hunters, anglers, trappers, and all individuals who may be interested in the Outdoors. Therefore, anti-hunters, anti-anglers, and anti-trappers are not welcome to the use of this message board.

Please use common courtesy and respect to other message board users. Treat others in how you wish to be treated! Please do NOT take matters into your hands if you see the rules outlined not adhered to, please utilize the report a post function and the moderators will address if need be.

Profanities, racism, flaming or other belittling remarks made toward other message board users will not be tolerated.

Use of profanity or bypassing swear filter (using symbols in lieu of actually writing the word) is unacceptable.

Derailing threads that are NOT in line with what the original intent of the OP post will not be tolerated. If you believe it to be important, please start a new thread.

Registering under multiple user names is NOT acceptable!

Any topics/posts or discussion that includes race, ethnic groups, religion or sexual orientation are NOT acceptable and can result in a loss of message board privileges not excluding permanently. This is NOT the forum for such discussions.

Political discussion will be monitored closely. At the first sign of a political discussion going sideways, which may include fighting between forum members, flaming of political parties or individual politicians, the thread will be immediately deleted. Forum members that abuse this rule will lose their forum privileges.

Be aware that many of our users may be minors and as such, caution should be used when posting or discussing topics that are not age appropriate, including inappropriate pictures/cartoons.

Posting of pictures: There is no need to chastise, belittle or troll posts when the Op shares in his/her passions of the outdoors. We welcome our members to share in their outdoor adventures. Let us be clear that this will not be tolerated.

Do not place any material on the message board that could be considered offensive to other users, or unlawful.

Posting private messages anywhere on the forum is against forum rules.

Threads that involve fundraising for charities or individuals must be approved before posting. Contact the mods or admin.

Threads that contain only a link to another website or video or news story, that have no added description, comment, or content, will be deleted without notice.

This forum is NOT for businesses to promote products or services UNLESS you are an AO sponsor. If you wish to inquire or become a AO sponsor, please contact our sales manager.

*We reserve the right to remove or edit any content that violates the standards of our site. We also reserve the right to infract, suspend or ban message board users who refuse to follow AO message board rules.*

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Buy & Sell Forum Rules and Guidelines

Disclaimer: This is a forum set up for the benefit of the users of the Alberta Outdoorsmen Bulletin Board. Neither Sportscene Publications, Inc., its owners, staff, advertisers, nor the moderators endorse anything that is posted here; nor are they responsible for the transactions that take place as a result of items posted here.

Buyer and Seller Beware: Although most transactions that take place here are done in an honourable fashion, some are not. Do your research. See what others have bought from or sold to a particular individual. Use the Personal Message (PM) system to ask questions. If you feel you have not been treated fairly, please try to work it out before complaining to others. Publicly attacking someone for alleged misconduct can get you into legal trouble, and all such attacks placed on this board will be deleted and offenders sanctioned, regardless of how wrong-done-by you may feel. If however you feel someone is not acting honourably and you have exhausted all attempts to set things right, then please report the person to a moderator. Although we may not be able to resolve a “he said, she said” argument, we do keep a list of bad actors, and if a pattern appears, we can take action.

Rules and Guidelines:

1) No commercial advertising! If you are trying to earn a living or sell items or services to augment your income, this is not the place to post those items or services. Please contact Sports Scene Publications to purchase advertising.

2) Make clear what is being sold or wanted in the thread title. In the body of the message give as much information as possible, including where you live and a price. Threads scroll off page 1 quickly and a prospective buyer or seller should have as much information as possible to make a decision.

3) Keep the exchanges to buying and selling. This is not the place to discuss other issues, or post information that does not advance the sale. If you must, use the PM system or start another thread on a non-Buy and Sell forum.

4) Use the PM system to close the deal. Do not post any personal information (e.g., telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) on the public forum. Keep all transactions just between buyer and seller.

5) Do not “bump” a thread to the top of the forum more than once every three days.
6) When something has sold, please place “SOLD” in the title of the original message following the instructions in the "Editing thread title..." thread stuck to the top of each buy & sell forum.

7) Do not duplicate threads in the forums. Post only one thread per item.

As on other forums if rules are violated, threads or messages may be deleted without explanation. If rules continue to be violated, the member will be sanctioned.

Thank your for your cooperation!

- Moderators and Administrators